When completing the tattooing and for 10-15days afterward,
the customer is expected to follow few aftercare guidelines
in order to obtain a complete and satisfying healing of the tattoo.

Here below, you can read the tattoo aftercare guidelines we do suggest at the studio.
Obviously your local tattoo artist will surely tell you how to proceed during tattoo healing time, and even if his guidelines will not differ so much from what we express here,
we suggest to always refer and ask your doubt to the artist who tattooed you.

Here we will not specify the body/handcream brand we suggest at the studio.
Anyway do consider that any not alcoholic body/handcream can do the job.
Obviously the use of a A-D-E vitamine-enriched hydratating cream is higly suggested.
There is no need to use a anti-bacterial cream as you are expected to keep it clean, to apply cream with clean hands and avoid exposing the fresh tattoo to dust and dirt .

Do NOT use vaseline for tattoo aftercare.


Remove the bandage after 2-4 hours.
Wash accurately with warm/fresh water and light soap.
Cloth dry the tattoo and gently apply a light coat of body/handcream.
Do not bandage the tattoo anymore.
Wear cotton clothes over the tattoo
Wear cotton clothes over the tattoo.
Apply light coats of cream 3-4 times per day as needed to keep the tattoo hydratated.
You can take as many showers as you like and may want to wash the tattoo with a bit of light soap/bodyfoam,
after any shower do apply a light coat of cream .
Do not expose the tattoo to: diret Sunlight-Sauna-Solarium.
Do not go swimming, either Swimming pool or Ocean(to avoid chlorine and salt water).
Should you go practice bodyfitness or any other sport related training,refrain from activities which involve heavy sweating
as it may retard the healing time of the tattoo and produce a thicker crust layer .
Do not peel off any crust or dry skin which forms.

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