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With the aim to give the best quality and professionality to our customers on every single tattoo,
the studio opening hours are limited to 5 hours only, daily.

During the working time we do focus only on tattooing in order to maintain an high concentration cap throughout the tattooing procedure to obtain the best result.

We would like you to know that, project, sketches, drawing and stencil for any tattoo,are carried out during studio off-hour in order to maintain an high concentration cap,even on the preparation procedure.

The studio is outfitted with the latest disinfection and sterilizing equipments, for both equipment and working surfaces.

Every single tattoo is performed under high-standard hygienic procedures, in order to eliminate the risk of contracting any possible infection or disease.

Latest Equipment in use is: ultrasonic cleaner by EMAG ed autoclave by TECNO-GAZ

il Meteo


Viale D'Annunzio 181/a  47838 Riccione RN Italia

Tel. +39 342 3249541